Dinner Is Now Served [2011 F/W Mjolk Collection]

Yeah, I know. Its getting hot outside and the garments are coming off, one layer at a time. While many of you are prepping your looks for the Spring and Summer, there are a few of us who are keeping an eye out for those 2011 Fall/Winter must haves. Its like enjoying a nice dinner. You order your main course but you take a look at what desserts are offered in order to prepare for what’s next. A collection that has my mouth watering for more is the 2011 F/W Mjolk Collection. Head designer, Lars Stoten has included wool blazers, knit sweaters, denim jackets and trench coats that are appropriate for any Fall/Winter day, no matter what meal you’re enjoying. Tell your waitress to give you a little more time and re-fill your glass as you take more time to look at the menu prepared by Mjolk. I’m sure your hunger will be satisfied. No need for a tip, gratuity is already included.