[Cross-Boundary Effect]: 2NE1 x Falling In Love

I love seeing examples of how the cultures of other countries are influenced by our own. I was scrolling across my Tumblr dashboard when I saw 3 screenshots from 2NE1‘s video for their latest single, Falling in Love. Apparently, it just dropped and I’m loving what I saw! To give some background for those of you who may be unfamiliar with them (like I was 7 minutes ago), 2NE1 is a South Korean girl group with a very dope vibe. If you don’t see anyone else, pay attention to CL, the chick with the mint nails and the gold accessories. She was perfect!

I love how the video incorporates a lot of Americanized elements (like some of the choreo and the sound of the song) in a fun, international way. Plus, there were a ton of recognizable brands, like Givenchy, Alexander Wang, Mary Katrantzou, and County of Milan (plus that ridiculous gold G-Wagon!). Despite only knowing about a quarter of the lyrics, it’s a fun video that’s worth checking out. #pressplay