A Stroll Through the Park: the Fort Greene Festival

Last weekend, Fort Greene Park was filled with music, fun, and great people for the 3rd annual Fort Greene Festival. Thousands came out for this two-day celebration of music, art, culture, and the community. Saturday’s performances included Mos Def, Res, Sofia Urista, Game Rebellion, and more.

To make things even better, some of the most diverse and amazing people filled out the park for a full day of purely good times: no drama, no fights, just fun. The crowd reminded me of why I love this city. There were so many different people giving so many different things in so many different ways. It was really an amazing thing.

Speaking of the people, apparently New York City is the perfect place to be if you’re a blogger. Claire from Fashion Bomb Daily and Josh from Street Etiquette were both in attendance. Throughout the day, I made a few new friends, one of whom was Arre from the Erra of Arre. By the end of the concert, you would’ve thought that all of us had known each other for years. In fact, the night ended at their place. After the festival, we headed over to Bed-Stuy to chill for the rest of the night.

It’s funny how you can start the day with no plans and end it with a book full of stories and a dozen new friends.