A Trip to the Capital

Last weekend was an eventful one for the Atlanta University Center. Hundreds of students from Morehouse and Spelman College, as well as a few from Clark Atlanta University, made their way up to Washington D.C. for the inaugural AT&T Nation’s Football Classic. This legendary game was the first in fifteen years between long-time rivals Morehouse & Howard University, and it’s safe to say that the competitive flame that first sparked in 1923 has been reignited.

Kyrell and I hit the road with our friend Leighton last Thursday night and made our way up I-95 for a long 10 hours until we finally arrived at our final destination at around 11am. The drive was tough, but our spirits were high and the fun got off to a quick start. It felt like the entire AUC was in D.C. that weekend. Everywhere we went, we saw a familiar face or two.

The most anticipated event of the 3-day weekend kicked off Saturday with the tailgate outside of RFK Stadium, followed by the game we’d all been talking about for months. As soon as we entered the stadium for the big game, the energy turned all the way up.

Washington D.C. Morehouse. Spelman. CAU. Howard. Football. Cheerleaders. Cheering. Booing. The Band. Halftime. Alumni. Competition. Good times.

Check out some of the fun below.

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