Reservation Only.

My boys Dee & Ricky and the masterminds over at +FRESH.i.AM+ have cooked up yet another finger-licking dish. The entree’ of the night was Le Alphabet Soup Hat. Luckily we had reservations, considering the chefs only offered the entree’ to 50 people. Thats right, there is a limited supply and not one is made just alike. With the varying placement of characters adorned over the black +FRESH.i.AM+ snapback, I left the table knowing what I just experienced was one of a kind. My date of the night was the beautiful bombshell, Lo Mitchell. More decadent than any dessert offered at the finest restaurants. We gave our compliments to the chef and a rating of 5 stars. Bon Appétit. 

SHOP: Dee & Ricky | +FRESH.i.AM+