. . . Now I Know My ABC’s

Believe it or not I use to be a something like a [Sneakerhead], back when I worked at a particular athletic shoe store in High School. I remember people waiting in line before the store even opened to get first dibs on the hottest new pair of kicks. Of course my pair was put aside as soon as they came off the truck. Shoes in my eyes are more than protection for feet, I look at them as collectors items. You can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they choose to wear. No stranger to [The No Names], the Hu$tle Twins (as I call them) stay in the kitchen cooking up something. Remember Alphabet Soup? Well this right here is even better. Courtesy of the chefs Dee & Ricky

The Hu$tle Twins have collaborated with PONY and created two pair of sneakers known as “Urban Jungle”. With 8 pairs of interchangeable laces, both the low top leather leopard print pair and the black high tops can be worn with practically anything in your wardrobe. The best part? The black pair can be customized to say whatever you want. Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing eh? You want a pair right? Well go make it happen. Oh yeah, there is a VERY LIMITED number of ‘em. Happy Shopping!

Dee & Ricky x PONY [DOUGH'NUT]