[Buyer Behavior]: Project Android

Last month was the first Project Trade Show of 2012 and I was crushed that I couldn’t use my pass this time around. School’s been crazy and my life has been moving at 100 mph, but I did get a chance  to check out some of what the brands have in store for the coming seasons. One that stood out to me was [Android Homme].

TNN x Project x Android Homme 1

Some sneaker producers think that a hi-top, a few straps, and studs is enough to fit the [cool] category. Not quite. Where some brands start to become a bit too trendy, Android Homme has found a way to distinguish itself in its category while still giving consumers what they’re looking for. They’ve incorporated a variety of cool prints, strong pops of color, and interesting details in their upcoming releases.

TNN x Project x Android Homme 2

My favorites are the brown Navajo Boots (above) and the camel & navy printed Ice Pack Boots (the first two below). I’m really looking forward to learning the exact price points for these when they drop. I think I might add those Navy Ice Packs to my wardrobe. Check out some more pieces below.

Images taken from [William Yan] & [Nice Kicks].