[April Showers]: (a) m u s e x Tyler Cymone

We’re at the midpoint of my #AprilShowers week and I hope you’ve been enjoying the music. I can’t take credit for finding this next artist. I love it when people send me new music and artists to check out (especially when they actually have talent and quality work). One of my friends on Tumblr sent me a link to check out a new artist named Tyler Cymone and I was excited by what I found. Her (a) m u s e mixtape was released earlier this year and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Tyler Cymone’s a 20-year old triple threat (singer, songwriter, and dancer) from Los Angeles with a bloodline tied to the music industry. As the daughter of Wallace “Scotty” Scott, member of the long-running legendary R&B group, The Whispers, she’s been immersed in the industry all of her life; and now, she’s making her own mark on the world of music.

As I listened to the mixtape for the first time, I found myself continually moving and bobbing my head to the beat and really getting into her sound. Her musical style takes me back to a more authentic time in modern R&B (maybe mid to late ’90s) that’s been blended with subtle hip-hop elements and I love it. My best friend and I always talk about how we miss that old ’90s flavor in music nowadays, so listening to the EP these past few weeks has been like a breath of fresh air. The two tracks below are my personal favorites, but this 7-track collection of songs is all on point. Check them out.

[s h o o k (ft. Mobb Deep)]

[Y o u'd b e (A) m u s e d]

You can download a copy of (a) m u s e right now! It’s a quick listen and definitely worth it. Also, check out this article on Tyler Cymone from 365Voice to see some behind-the-scenes footage from her (a) m u s e photo shoot and to get a bit more background on the album.