[April Showers]: Calendar Love x Marian Mereba

Some artists have the power to really make you feel something. Some songs leave lasting impressions on your heart. I’m not sure what it was about Marian Mereba, but the first time I [experienced] her perform, she proved that she was that type of artist and that she produced that type of music.

Very quickly, let’s go back to that night during Morehouse’s Homecoming celebration back in 2010 for a quick second. She opened up for Chrisette Michele, but I actually enjoyed her 3-song set more.

YouTube Preview Image

Now, this doesn’t happen to me too often, but after I heard Calendar Love that night, I actually remembered the song days, weeks, and months after; and it would pop in my head all the time. Two weeks ago (almost a year and a half later), the song popped in my head again and something told me to google it. To my pleasant surprise, she finally answered my prayers and put a version of the song online. We’re friends now, so after I saw that she’d released it, I asked her to send me an mp3 of the track, which I’m excited to share with you guys below.

[Calendar Love]

If I had to describe her brand as an artist, I think I’d call it [acoustic soul]. Translation: I think she blends the acoustic nature of her music with elements of spoken-word, rhythm & blues, and soul to make an amazing style of work. And that doesn’t just describe her music, but from what I’ve gotten to know about her as a person, I think that label fits what she represents as an artist too. She has a dope vibe, smooth sound, and knows how to use that guitar to make magic happen. Check out more of her music on ReverbNation now.