[April Showers]: Frank + Derol

We’re well into the month of April, which means it’s time for my [April Showers] music series. For those of you who didn’t catch last year’s edition, it’s all about celebrating the freshness of spring by showering you with great music from rising talents. This year, I have a few more awesome, young artists that I can’t get enough of and I think I’ll start with Frank + Derol.

[april showers] x frank + derol BANNER

I actually discovered this duo just last week in Uniqlo as I was browsing the racks (if there’s one thing that I can always rely on Uniqlo and TopShop to deliver, it’s a decent soundtrack while I’m shopping). The song that stopped me in my tracks and made me pull up my Shazam app was [Barely Love You Too] from their 2012 self-titled EP. The 4-track mini-album is packed with “chill-ternative” vocals and good music that I plan on keeping in rotation.

I was totally surprised to find out that the duo included Codi Caraco and Brandi Cyrus, as in the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus/sister of Miley Cyrus. Coincidentally, I recently had a discussion with my friend about Miley’s career and how I can’t wait for her to get her life together and return to the game, so this little discovery just pushes me further toward Team Cyrus.

[april showers] x the no names x frank + derol

Getting back to the point, I really like the “musical aesthetic” that these two offer. The indie-pop feel of the music is comfortable and pleasing to the ears without crossing too far in either direction. It doesn’t look like confirmed details have dropped yet, but their debut album is set to release sometime this year and I look forward to seeing what’s next for these two. Check out their Frank + Derol EP below.

[april showers] x frank + derol 1