[April Showers]: Kiya Lacey

I get quite a few tweets and emails recommending that I check out “X”, “Y”, and “Z” artist and their latest song that’s so spectacular; but more often than not, I’m left a little underwhelmed. Not that the artist or their work isn’t good, but it’s usually an unmastered song with an average visual that sounds like both the video and track were created in iMovie… I don’t like that.


Last summer, I got an unexpected tweet with a link to a YouTube video from an artist I’d never come across before. I was in the gym when I got it, but for some reason, I stopped and played it while I was on one of the machines (dangerous, right?); and, for the first time in a while, I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. The song was called Freeze Tag and it came from a young artist named Kiya Lacey.

april showers x kiya lacey x the no names 1

Other than following her back on Twitter, I didn’t really know much about her, except for the fact that I liked her work, but I’ve since learned that this young Nashville singer was an alum of the 2012 GRAMMY Camp in Los Angeles and has been getting in the studio to build a repertoire of promising songs. Her SoundCloud has been loaded with 8 new songs over the past few months and I’ve listened to a couple. Good stuff. Her voice has a mature, soulful twang to it that validates her lyrics, despite her young age. And if her status with the GRAMMY Camp wasn’t enough to confirm that she’s a talented individual, just listen to her vocals once. It won’t be hard to tell.

[YouTube]: “You’re Still Here” Music Video from GRAMMY Camp LA 2012

Since I first heard Freeze Tag months ago, it’s stayed in rotation among a couple of my playlists and it’s still not played out to me. Check out the track below and visit her Soundcloud to hear more. As she matures in the industry, I’m sure there are going to be great things coming.

#tnnapproved tracks: 8. Crazy Driving, Freeze Tag,
You’re Still Here, What’s the Deal (You Make Me Say)