[April Showers]: True Stories x Bryson Green

Over the past year, my appreciation for rap and hip-hop has actually grown quite a bit. Part of this appreciation comes from experiencing unique and creative expressions of these genres, like the [Biggie Smalls x Lana Del Rey] mashup that dropped last month. Another influence comes as a result of readingĀ Steve Stoute‘s book, The Tanning of America. It took me so much deeper into the world of hip-hop and taught me a lot about the culture that fuels the genre. The final catalyst is artists, like my friend Bryson Green, that have stayed true to what hip-hop and the rap art form is all about: telling stories, sharing truths, and connecting with others.

Bryson is a senior at Morehouse College and he’s actually one of my favorite people in our class. We stay down the hall from each other and one thing that I respect about him is that he stays on the grind. Whenever I walk past his room, I hear instruments being played, beats blasting (beats the he created), and dreams being formed. He’s turned our dorm into his own private studio. Knowing his background as a singer, rapper, musician, and producer, I was excited when I got my hands on his latest single, True Stories. At the same time though, because this was my first time really checking out his work, I was holding my breath as I pressed play… After I heard the first few bars, I relaxed.

[True Stories]

His lyrics actually talk about something, which so many modern rappers in the spotlight fail to do nowadays. I think that’s been my main reason for not exploring more of the mainstream rap music out today: a lot of artists just don’t say anything. It’s nice to get something with some kind of substance; something with a story.

If you want to get to know Bryson, you can just listen to the track. Not just because the lyrics talk about his personal story, but because his flow and energy on record match his vibe in person perfectly. He’s the epitome of “a laid-back, cool dude” and there’s a lot going on in that brain of his. His upcoming EP, The Mind of Mr. Green, is set to drop at the beginning of May, and I’m sure it’ll be packed full of more of that BG swag.