[April Showers]: AmericanCOOL x Wil May

Springtime is here and it makes me think of freshness. The ideas of new things blossoming and bright opportunities ahead just fill my mind and heart with excitement. This week, I want to celebrate spring, the season of new beginnings, by showering you guys with some fresh music from a couple of rising artists that have been on my radar recently.

First up, let’s get things started off on a #COOL note with Wil May. If you checked out the coverage from my birthday get-together at the W a few weeks ago, I’m sure you’ve heard his name before. A lot of people know this guy for hosting some of the dopest Friday nights at the W Midtown in Atlanta, but he does so much more. The week of the party, I listened to his album AmericanCOOL, and I’ve had it in constant rotation ever since.

From the first time I heard one of his songs at the W, I was definitely a fan.┬áPacked with a [dope] energy, tons of fun & smart-alecky lyrics, and a little swagger, the album will keep you satisfied. If you’re like me when it comes to music, you won’t get tired of it easily. As I’m sure you could tell from most of my music selections, I’ve never been the biggest hip-hop/rap fan (outside of Kanye & a few other exceptions), but I can definitely vibe with this. You can listen to the full album now on Bandcamp, but check out a few of my favorite tracks below!