[TNN Artist & Repertoire]: Friendly Fires

TNN A&R: Friendly FiresTonight is going to be a night to remember! Friendly Fires is performing at The Loft in Midtown Atlanta with Theophilus London and my boys and I will be in the building reporting live. When we bought our tickets, I literally couldn’t stop smiling for about an hour. If you’ve never heard of them, first things first: do better; second, they’re an English alternative/disco-pop band hailing from St. Albans and their music is out of this world. Each track takes me on a mental vacation to a tropical getaway where I kick back with my legs up and the breeze blowing past my face. I was first introduced to the trio in July, when one of my Tumblr followers submitted Pala, the title-track from their sophomore album, to be a part of my [Off the 2] mixtape. Since that introduction, I’ve gotten my copies of both Pala and their self-titled debut album, both of which have been playing non-stop in my iTunes and helped Friendly Fires earn a spot on my [favorite artists] list.

With meaningful lyrics, awesome music, and magnetic European voices, Pala comes together to give listeners 11 amazing tracks that will get stuck in your head for days at a time. Whether you want to sit back and vibe to the music or feel like getting up and moving, the album gives you tracks that satisfy (and I’ll definitely be up and moving tomorrow night!). Show Me Lights, Hurting, and Pull Me Back to Earth will wake you up and get you going. I’m sure my neighbors get tired of me blasting these tracks and screaming the lyrics through our paper-thin walls (but they’ll get over it). Pala and Helpless give you a chill vibe, while Chimes, Running Away, and Hawaiian Air lay somewhere in between those two categories. Regardless of what vibe each individual track gives, they’re all great songs. Check out a few tracks from Friendly Fires’ Pala below and you’ll see what I mean.

[3. Hawaiian Air]

[7. Show Me Lights]

[10. Chimes]

[11. Helpless]

If you like what you hear, come out to the Loft tomorrow night and see them live and in action. Doors open at 8 and the show’s set to start at 9. Tickets are only $18 dollars, so don’t miss it. Get your tickets here.