[ARTST TLK]: Alexander Gorlin & Daniel Arsham

You’ve heard it before or maybe you haven’t. One of my all time favorite things to do is to lock myself in a room with my computer and surf the internet for documentaries, interviews and short films related to subjects and people that either interest me or I want to learn more about…

I came across an interview from [ARTST TLK w/Pharrell Williams] which is something similar to a talk show that features two guests that are at different career stages that discuss their work, inspirations and philosophies. Within this particular interview Pharrell sits down with Alexander Gorlin, an architect known for bringing warmth to his modern designs and Daniel Arsham, an artist who tends to cross the lines between architecture and art; known for implementing shapes in some of the most unexpected places ever. I had the pleasure of meeting and attending Arsham’s “Reach Ruin” exhibit  (a sculptural exhibition that explores “construction of destruction”) a few weeks ago at The Fabric Workshop in Philadelphia. It was nothing short of amazing and opened my mind to a few things I probably would have never thought of had I not been able to witness such great talent and execution.

It was very insightful to hear the comparisons and differences of these two artists perceptions and understanding when it comes to creating, advancing and learning. A statement by Arsham that really resinated with me was; “Create something that changes peoples expectations about what they already know.” It seems as though today so many people are taking the “easy way out” and “creating” things that people already have seen which leads to nothing but duplication and imitation. It is true that we are all inspired by things and people that already exist but instead of re-creating why not re-invent?  I could go on and on about that but i’ll save it for another post on another day. For now, press play and devote 23 minutes and 52 seconds of your time to something I am sure you won’t regret.

Pharrell Williams Interviews Alex Gorlin & Daniel Arsham [RSRV Channel]

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