Autonomous Visionary: Jean- Michel Basquiat

I often find myself up late at night watching documentaries about many of the things that I am influenced by, don’t quite understand or just want to know more about. Although I am normally done with my classes around 4:00 PM, learning and gaining insight on things taught beyond the classroom is an ongoing process. A legend, Artist, Personality and Influence of mine who I grow to appreciate more and more each time I see a piece of his work, read what others have to say about him or even watch some of the many visuals of his life is none other than the infamous Jean- Michel Basquiat. Basquait is more than an American Artist who started his career in New York City that produced what is known as, Neo-expressionist paintings. His creativity and his story is more complex than that.

Jean-Michel Basquiat is an influencer who believed that his vision should be portrayed his way. He was the beat of his creativity and he walked a path that may not have been narrow, but to him was just right. Basquait ran away from home at the age of 17, became best friends with Andy Warhol, dated  Madonna and is now one of the most famous and respected artists that the world has ever encountered. A vision, a gift and work ethic like no other, Jean-Michel Basquiat sat the bar high. Not only for himself but for all of those [us] to come after. Director and good friend of Basquait, Tamara Davis was the mastermind behind the documentary entitled Jean- Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child. It gives us all an in-depth understanding of the insanely interesting life Basquiat lived over a series of twenty years. Basquiat is what I call an Autonomous Visionary. Open your mind and allow your passion to create a masterpiece. What legacy will your canvas leave behind?

Jean- Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child (Part I)

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*Part II- VII included below.

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