[A Unique Vision]: Brian Belott

One thing I love about art is that it’s all about [vision], one’s personal vision, that is. Something may seem a little weird, or even unattractive, to the common eye, but an artist’s job involves bringing one’s own perspective of reality into tangible form for the rest of the world to experience. This weekend, I came across a cool tumblr known as The Belott Files, and to say that the art is different would be an understatement. Brian Belott is an artist/performer/art collector, originally from New Jersey, who has a very unique view of reality. A lot of his work looks like something that would come straight from a psych ward, not because it seems crazy, but because it’s something that you would never see in the real world. He ties a lot of disparate elements together into one newly created universe that exists only in his canvas, whether that’s notebook paper, glass, or sound (yeah, he makes “noise performances”¬†too). Take a break from your reality and check out his below.

TNN x Brian Belott x 1
TNN x Brian Belott x 2
TNN x Brian Belott x 3
TNN x Brian Belott x 4
TNN x Brian Belott x 5
TNN x Brian Belott x 6TNN x Brian Belott x 7TNN x Brian Belott x 8TNN x Brian Belott x 9TNN x Brian Belott x 10TNN x Brian Belott x 11TNN x Brian Belott x 12

…and if you liked those, I dare you to watch this video of one of his noise performances. You may laugh a few times, but I think it’s pretty cool (in an artistic kind of way). Check it out.

YouTube Preview Image[Sonata in 2D Reprise]