A Public Cultured Hiatus [The Big Easy]

Leave your worries at home, pack light and those text books of yours can have a seat on the shelf. Almost- but not quite. This Thanksgiving break is what I considered to be A Public Cultured Hiatus. New Orleans and Mississippi were the two destinations of choice and boy was I surrounded by some of the most lively people, streets and customs which made for an exceptional break away from Atlanta. This semester has been intense and a bit more stressful than normal so I took the liberty to prescribe myself the perfect remedy; a get away. I needed to recharge my Power Source and get that spark burning once again. The Big Easy had the perfect combustion of fuel. I’m not talking that regular stuff, not even mid-grade. This right here is non other than Premium fuel. On your mark, get set… GO!

I don’t know what it is but every time I visit the city of New Orleans, I gain a new appreciation for slowing things down, do away with the stress and just be… easy. Not one alarm was set and emails were responded to whenever I got around to them. Rush and worry for what? That was not the purpose of this trip. Brunch outside on a sunny day with a slight breeze, afternoons in the coffee shop on Magazine St. and unforgettable nights on Bourbon St. was the perfect amalgamation for someone like myself who was getting tired of the usual. I will always have love for this city and  I know that each time I visit won’t be the last. New Orleans you’ll be seeing me again. Sooner than you expect. Until then, continue to show people a good time. I’m sure they’ll keep coming back for more.