Do They Really Have More Fun?

We’ve all heard it before, “Blondes have more fun”, but is it a known fact? As of recent it seems as though more and more people are trying to find some truth in that statement; both male and female. I’m not talking about that shiny Sisqo Platinum [more like cheap silver] color that’ll make any and everyone unleash the dragon; this here is something different. With the weather changing and the temperatures getting warmer, I am sure that we are all thinking about that transition from the dark and muted colors to those with a little more POP. Models have done it, Chris Brown just recently did it, Amber Rose is infamous for it and I am sure many more to come will tap into that bleaching kit and go a FEW shades lighter. “It ain’t for everybody”, however if you’re thinking about trying it out there are a few things you need to know…

How to Take Care of Bleached [Blonde] Hair

  • Cut back on how frequent you wash your hair. This is especially important for the first 72 hours after the coloring process.
  • Wash your hair with purple shampoo and conditioner. There are numerous companies who sell purple hair care products. (The ingredients used in Purple Hair Care products include the nutrients needed for healthy hair, especially hair that has been colored.)
  • Let your hair dry naturally. Your hair is most likely to break when it is wet and especially when heat is applied.
  • Use a Hair Mask at least once a week. (This will replenish your hair with any lost natural oils. Use it overnight for best results. Hair Masks can be purchased at any Beauty Supply store.)
  • Try your best to avoid chlorine and being out in the sun as much as possible.