Bone Licking Good

When you live in NYC, you will quickly understand the importance of finding a good Brunch spot, or maybe even three. A place that isn’t too commercial (becauseĀ waiting an hour to dine at a popular after church restaurant with crying babies in the background isn’t cool), offers unlimited Mimosas (or a selection of endless drinks) and a menu consisting of a variety of choices all under $20. Now thats what I consider to be an A+ Brunch experience. When my good friend Angel texted me saying, “Lets catch up and do Brunch at one of my favorite places”, my response was simple and to the point. “What time and where?” Its been a while since Angel and I had a chance to sit down to catch up on each others lives while being the unapologetic goof balls that we are. When Angel isn’t traveling with Angela Simmons as her Makeup Artist she is busy working on her very own Lipstick collection. With that being said, there were so many exciting things to talk about.

The location was Bone Lick Park located at 75th Greenwich Ave in the Village and it was amazing. The scene was chill, the food was good and our glasses were full at all times. Catch this though, it was a whooping $15.95. Great atmosphere, supreb food AND endless drinks with a pretty strong punch?! What else needs to be said. I approved of this dining experience and I’m sure you will too. Be sure to check out [Bone Lick Park], take a friend — and enjoy. We may even see you there!