[Born Ready To Die]: Lana Del Rey x Notorious B.I.G.

So… you guys already know how I am about Lana Del Rey. She’s one of my favorite artists right now and her album has been playing nonstop in my iTunes library since I bought her debut LP Born to Die in January. Imagine my face this morning when I stumbled upon this complete, 16-track mash-up album between her and Biggie Smalls!

In honor of the recent 15th anniversary of Notorious B.I.G.‘s untimely departure from the world of music, mixtape composer/producer Terry Urban & DOPE Couture developed this special collection of tracks celebrating the rap icon’s work and it is [DOPE]. The album features instrumentals and a few vocals from different Lana Del Rey tracks and matches them with vocals from Biggie’s Ready to Die album! Fans of B.I.G. and Lana Del Rey should both be able to appreciate this all the same. Good music is good music, whether it’s from back in the day or fresh from the downloads folder. Check it out and download the album right now!