[Born To Die x Lana Del Rey]

Lana Del Rey, one of my favorite examples of good brand management,┬áhas something new for you guys. Sometimes the little moves take you a long way across the playing field and her creative team is really good at making them. Instead of being basic and conventional and just dropping the track, she released a simple promo video for her newest single, Born To Die, with what’s probably no more than 12 seconds of footage playing in a constant loop. Some people may say that it’s no big deal, but I love simple things like this. I actually watched the entire video just because it’s something different. It’s not just another MP3 available for download or a YouTube video with a picture of album artwork, it’s [a brand experience] that takes viewers somewhere different and makes the moment stand out in time.┬áCheck it out.

YouTube Preview Image
Of course, this is just the latest tactic in her promotions strategy for all that she has in store for 2012. The single, which serves as the title track for her debut album (as Lana Del Rey, that is), is set to officially drop on January 23rd, with the official video sure to follow, and the album is scheduled for release the week after (Jan. 30). I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on the album. You can get more familiar with Lana Del Rey’s music on her YouTube channel, and if you like what you hear, pre-order your copy of Born To Die right now at Amazon.com. #tnnapproved