Wed/9-950 – [Branding 102]: Longevity & Expansion

Well, we’ve successfully made it halfway through this special TNN University Lecture Series on developing longevity and a larger reach for your brand. Today, we’re going to mix things up a bit; or at least talk about how you can do so in order to effectively being expanding your name and [influence] into different creative territories. Let’s not waste anymore time.

III. Mix and Match. Diversify Your Offerings.

Lesson: From the greatness of Kanye and Jay’s Watch The Throne to the lending of his vocals to artists and groups like Drake, Coldplay, and Amy Winehouse, and even through the creation of Collision Course, the collaborative EP he created with Linkin Park, it’s clear that Jay Z has mastered the art of mixing and matching his musical talents with other interesting genres (and fan bases). Similar to Monday’s Lesson, Be Effectively Translatable, expanding your brand in ways that introduce it to new audiences not only brings you much-wanted “added value,” but also helps broaden the tastes of your current fan base. People love and respect those influential figures that introduce them to something new and entertaining, whether it’s through one new song or an entire genre. The same goes for art, film, or just about any area of creative expression. Be that tastemaker and use your influence and interests to show someone else what they’ve been missing out on. Trust me, they’ll appreciate you for it.

Application: Find those of your contemporaries that you believe are on the same level as you (or at least close) in their respective niche territories and collab! Who knows how amazing the outcome can be when two creative talents come together to work on one hybrid project? And if, for some reason, you don’t want to collab with someone, do it yourself. Experiment in a different realm and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty in a new area. While you may not have firsthand expertise or experience in that territory, going at it by yourself with a fresh perspective could lead to something totally innovative.

We’re almost to the finish line. Get the final piece of this branding puzzle tomorrow. Same time. And of course, same place.