Isaac Cordal: Breaking Through the Cement

I took Survey of Visual Arts during my Sophomore year at Morehouse College and, as I’m sure you can tell from all of the art posts that I do, it was one of my favorite classes. I’ve come to appreciate the many creative forms of expression that people use to produce their artwork, which brings me to the man of the hour. Isaac Cordal is a very special street artist that’s gone past using a conventional canvas and learned to use the world to bring his work to life.

Isaac Cordal x TNN

The practice of installation art involves the creation of site-specific, three dimensional works that play on the nature and perception of a particular space in one form or another. Mastering in this special genre, Cordal uses cement as his primary medium. Best known for his Cement Eclipses series, this artist has built a career on placing his small cement sculptures in huge, real-world settings. These figures are set up in cities and areas across Europe, photographed, and left for the observant public to notice or ignore.

Isaac Cordal x TNN 2

One of the coolest things about these sculptures is that from a camera’s enhanced perspective, you may believe that these figures are life-size, but in fact they’re no more than a few inches. The placement of these little men in puddles, buckets, cracks in the street, and even laying on asphalt switches the viewer’s focus from a big picture to a very small one. These displays act on more than just the viewer’s perception of the space that they’re in. Personally, I believe Cordal communicates some of the less than glamorous, grim aspects of life, from feelings of loneliness and isolation to the blah nature of working a 9 to 5. The absence of color in many of the sculptures helps communicate these feelings even further.

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In addition to his Cement Eclipses pieces, he has other three-dimensional and interactive pieces, as well as light installations created with wire frames to project a beautiful human representation when light passes through them. Check it out.

Isaac Cordal x TNN 3DIsaac Cordal x TNN Light2

For more information on Isaac Cordal and his work, visit his official website by clicking here.