It is true that many can pick a camera, aim and shoot. However it takes attention to detail, imagination and passion to be able to tell a story with a photograph. DC born, Maryland raised, Brian Dunn best known as B.Dunks considers himself to beĀ “A regular guy , a guy with a lens and a dream, a guy with the gift of the eye.” When I was first introduced to Brian’s work I was rather intrigued by what I saw. Although Brian picked up a camera for the first time two years ago, he has quite an eye for things and makes everyday moments ones that you shall never forget. The idea and action of taking photographs that Brian enjoys the most is the fact that he is able to express himself freely. His visions and his life stories just the way he wants, no rules and no books required.

At the moment, Brian is learning more each day about photography and has plans of venturing into the fashion and commercial side of the photography world. Having a strong connection to the quote “Real success is finding your life work from the work that you love” by David McCullough, I know that the ambition, patience and persistence that Brian embodies will take him extremely far. Doing what you love and making a career out of it has to be one of the most fulfilling gifts in the entire world. Focus on your goals and zero in on what it will require to make them a reality. The big picture in the end will be well worth it.