City Kids: Bridging the Gap

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[City Kids]
[OCD: Moosh & Twist]
[Up Before the World]

A few weeks ago, I got put onto a pair of high school seniors from Philadelphia that go by the name of Moosh & Twist. Together, they create a hip-hop tag team known as OCD and they’ve accumulated quite the following. Their YouTube videos have literally gotten hundreds of thousands of views and their tracks are right on point.

The featured video for their song City Kids was my first impression of them and I must say, it was a great one. From their music and videos to their look and overall feel, they definitely are on the right track. I love how they stay true to their roots and the people that they started with. They represent Philly hard and their friends are all over the video. Moosh & Twist recently released their new mixtape Up Before the World and if I’m not mistaken, my copy just finished downloading. I’m about to [press play], but you can get your free copy now at the official OCD website. Check them out!