Buyer Behavior: Givenchy Soles of Kings

Working with Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis this summer in NYC has sharpened my eye even more when it comes to viewing collections and having an understanding of what particular items will be in high demand and those that may need more focus when it comes to the 4 P’s of Marketing. The Givenchy Footwear Spring/Summer 2012 is a mix of timeless silhouettes with a modern touch that they always do so well. From the Sandals, Slippers and Derbies, this collection showcases a variety of styles that get my stamp of approval however, my top pick are the Patent Leather Creeper Boots. The market is slowly but surely becoming saturated with an abundant amount of creepers [many of which should take a trip back to the vaults of Research & Design]. These Creepers in my opinion have been designed just right! Its more than just a black shoe, it’s a shoe suitable for the soles of any modern day King who appreciates walking and standing fashionably tall as the classic detailing speaks for itself.