Chill Out by the Water

The beautiful thing about art is its eternal nature. Concepts never die. They’re simply restored and recycled, not necessarily better or worse, but different and equally special. Frank Lloyd Wright was an interior designer, writer, and one of America’s most esteemed architects. One of his most famous works, Fallingwater, is a mountain retreat southeast of Pittsburgh designed in the 1930s for the Kaufmann family, owners of Kaufmann’s Department Store (now a part of the Macy’s chain). This architectural masterpiece has been preserved since 1963 by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and since been open to the public.

In conjunction with Chillout Sessions, a compilation series by Ministry of Sound featuring a wide variety of artists that contribute to the [chillout] genre of music, designer Andrew van der Westhuyzen added his creative touch to Wright’s vision in the package design for Chillout Sessions XII.

Although this modern revamp doesn’t feature waterfalls like the actual Fallingwater house, van der Westhuyzen did a great job at maintaining the classic, elegant nature of the original. The artist’s small scale model properly represents the type of lifestyle that Wright’s clients were surely used to back in his time, putting us in the middle of a nice summer kickback in the ’50s and ’60s (although Wright passed away in 1959). Get up close and personal with van der Westhuyzen’s work below. It looks like a fun time if you ask me.

Designed by Andrew van der Westhuyzen