[A Modern Day Basquiat]: The Colde$t Wintour Ever x [GREATeclectic]

This morning, I opened another one of those annoying email subscriptions that I somehow always get signed up for against my will, and to my surprise, I saw the work of an old buddy of mine, Kendrick Daye. From a branding perspective, you probably know him as GREATeclectic. Aside from being the creative director of Art Nouveau Mag, he’s an awesome graphic designer who has actually done work for [the no names] before; so I was excited to see this awesome sweater that he’s selling in his online shop, BuyBye. It’s called [The Colde$t Wintour Ever] and, in addition to being a perfect representation of his artistic style, it’s a really dope crewneck that I’m definitely considering adding to my collection.

GREATeclectic x [the no names] x The Colde$t Wintour Ever Crewneck[THE COLDE$T WINTOUR EVER CREWNECK x $40]

Using what I’d consider to be a blend of heavy digital imagery and the essence of Jean Michel-Basquiat, GREATeclectic is really skilled at bringing some of modern pop culture’s most powerful icons, influencers, and scandals to life in a new way. Capturing the nature of lifestyle, entertainment, and other elements of the American way from the past decade, his work is largely collage-based with a ton of colors, interesting visual details, and a noteworthy message here and there. Check it out.

In addition to the Wintour crewneck, you can find more of his merchandise, including posters, t-shirts, and full-sized, framed, original pieces of his work, on BuyBye.bigcartel.com and visit GREATeclectic or AN-Mag to experience more of his creative energy.