[TNN Home Edition]: Color on a Canvas

Over the summer, I started envisioning what kind of life I would live once I got to New York. I had ideas of being this super social guy, eating at different restaurants night after night, and so on and so forth (you know, like every other typical twenty-something year-old New Yorker…), but the biggest piece of the puzzle tied back to art. Ever since my sophomore year in college, I’ve had a growing appreciation for the visual arts; and I promised myself that, once I got my own place, I would start exploring my personal artistic desires one step at a time.

the no names x color on a canvas 1

Last Friday night, I got the sudden impulse to check out Utrecht over in Chelsea and pick up a few art supplies. After 30 minutes of exploring the store and speaking with some of the associates, I was heading back to the comfort of my home to spill some paint on my new canvases.

the no names x color on a canvas 2

the no names x color on a canvas 3

Transforming my cozy 1-bedroom into a studio for the night was an exciting experience. I chose to play it a little safe and keep things simple for the first go-around. Since [color] has always been an amazing source of inspiration for me, I thought it’d be a great idea to add some to the walls in my space. I created three different solid-colored canvases to put up–just pure, colorful energy!–and an abstract piece composed of multi-colored brushstrokes (check it out below). Trust me when I say that it feels amazing to have something you’ve created hanging on your walls. It’s the perfect reminder to embrace your creative energy everyday.

the no names x color on a canvas 4