Coocoo for Caco

collage |kəˈlä zh|
a form of art in which various materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric are arranged and stuck to a backing.
-composition made in this way
-a combination or collection of various things
-An assemblage of diverse elements

Located in the heart of Brazil’s largest city, São Paulo, Caco Neves is a visual artist that has mastered the fine art of collage-making. However, that’s not his only strength. This graphic designer specializes in motion graphics, art direction, illustration, and branding. By carefully combining elements of stop-motion photography, collage work, and illustrations, Neves has developed his own [unique] style of design that has proven effective for a number of different clients and purposes. Check out some of his work below and you’ll get the [picture].

Neves served as a graphic designer and art director at Estúdio MOL, a small multidisciplinary design agency in São Paulo that specializes in brand development, graphic design, film, motion graphics, & animation. Throughout his career, he’s been commissioned to produce works for several major names, including MTV, Unilever, Axe, Nutella, and some of the largest publications across the country of Brazil.

After returning from a two-year period in London, he’s back at work in Brazil and still going strong. Check out one of his latest jobs for Granta Magazine.

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