[TNN Home Edition]: Davidelfin Decor

Your home is one of the key areas worth investing your money into; after all, it’s your escape, your sanctuary. As a new New Yorker, I’m still developing my apartment, piece by piece and day by day, and I must say, I love coming home to a place that’s all mine. I think that, as members of this young, IMPULSIVE generation, we often rush to buy things that other people will admire, which leaves less for us to admire for ourselves. In 2013, I plan on building this apartment into my own personal showroom of amazing decor and creative energy. Needless to say, these items from the Davidelfin Home Collection immediately caught my eye.

Davidelfin Home Decor x [the no names]

As a very visual person, I love color! It excites me and makes me feel alive. The Davidelfin team has made it their goal to add some personality to your room with these special duvet and cushion covers. The decor collection takes me back to the brand’s Spring/Summer 2012 ready-to-wear collection, Katharsis, which they brought to life with fun designs and energetic tints. Take some time to browse through the entire home collection and see more of the sets available. You can check out the items now in the Davidelfin online shop (and hurry, there’s an awesome sale going on!). I have my eye on the Overdose set. Check it out!