TNN [at] Home: [DEFinition] The Art & Design of Hip-Hop

One of my favorite things to do as of recent has been to visit different magazine shops and book stores throughout the city to see what I can find, bring it home to add to my ever growing collection. There are three things your home should contain; Exceptional garments in your wardrobe, great pieces of furniture that spark interesting conversations and of course great reads; whether they are novels, coffee table books or magazines. A newly added favorite of mine is none other than [DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip Hop]. The cover caught my eye, which enticed me to pick it up off bookstore shelf and add it to my very own– for more reasons than one…


Compiled by legendary hip-hop designer Cey Adams, DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop is the first comprehensive anthology published in the name of the genre during the last thirty-five years. This landmark volume celebrates a culture that has made its mark on everything from fine art to the label on a bottle of Hawaiian Punch, including fashion, automobiles, movies, television, advertising and sneakers. Its incredible to see the path that Hip-Hop has taken over the years, from old school to new school. From the way things/artists were branded to the influence that this culture has on the world today. This is a suggested buy and such a great addition to your home library. From Biggie to Keith Haring and Adidas too. Its a LifeSTYLE.

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