Buyer Behavior: TNN Approved Accoutrement

From the Polo fleece to the Jesus piece, thats right. You’ve heard it before and you’ve seen it before too. However, Cease + Desist is giving it to us a bit different this time. I was scrolling through my instagram timeline the other day and I came across a picture that caught my attention and of course received two taps. I inquired about it, received an email about the product details and now I am delivering the message to you. I’ll even quote the message. Just so things won’t get lost in translation…

“The Jesus piece has always been a constantly evolving piece. Every Couple of years we’ve seen a different take on this classic. As our world has moved into the digital era, so does our favorite pendant. Cease + Desist presents its first offering of Akcent pieces with the “Digi Jesus“. This one of a kind 8bit design gives an interesting glimpse into the future, while paying respect to the beloved Jesus pieces of the past.” The “Digi Jesus” is available in gold and gunmetal and retails for $120. After all it is 2012 and things do evolve over time. Why not update a few of your accoutrements or so. Of course that was rhetorical. This message has been sponsored and approved by [The No Names].

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