TNN Presents: Dirty Laundry [The Mixtape]


As I was doing laundry last night while packing for NYC I began to listen to music via my itunes library. Now normally when I listen to my itunes on shuffle there is that one song that I hear too much or don’t really care for and its on to the next one. This experience [thats what i'll call it] was a bit different. I took a a musical journey through the best of Outkast, Frank Ocean, Biggie, Mya and even Will Smith to name a select few. Before I knew it my laundry was washed, folded and packed away. No magic tricks, just good music. Considering sharing is caring, I decided to compose a mixtape, design some album artwork and entitle my compilation “Dirty Laundry“. All of the work is done and all you have to do is click here, turn up the volume and don’t hold back. You’re Welcome!