Paved Runways and Glossy Pages

It seems as though models are in one day and out the next, just like the trends of Fashion. In an industry that is fast and always thinking about the [next BIG thing] it can be rather difficult to stay relevant as a “working model”. A face that has paved the runway gold and printed in many of the glossy editorial pages is that of Dominique Hollington. Found while shopping at a store in Harlem, this half Cuban and half African American model has been featured in the pages of I-D, GQ UK and Vogue Hommes Japan just to name a few. The people over at Puma and GAP felt Hollington had what it takes to advance their brands to the next level and made him the face of both. From Versace and Thom Browne to YSL and Jean Paul Gaultier. You’ve seen him before and if you haven’t you will soon.