[Raw Campaigns]: Dove Real Beauty Sketches

You may or may not have heard about the buzz behind Dove’s latest campaign, Real Beauty Sketches. I saw it for the first time yesterday as I was working on a post and it was totally unlike your typical YouTube advertisement. It was [powerful]. The campaign exposes a sad, but real truth that many of us (not just women, as critics would have you believe) fall victim to, but also shows the bright—wait—the [beautiful] side of things. Check it out.

It’s amazing how small we can view ourselves at times, when in fact, it’s just our lenses that need a bit of cleaning. Coming from an advertising background, I am so impressed with Ogilvy & Mather Brazil, the agency behind this excellent campaign. If you haven’t heard it yet for the day, “You’re beautiful.” Don’t forget it. - JRPx

[click here to watch the extended video on Dove USA's YouTube channel]