Elementary Dreams

A vivid imagination is an invaluable gift, but being able to bring a mental image to reality takes things to an entirely different level. Chloe Lee is a young artist from Bakersfield, California who is very much in touch with her artistic side. Creating pieces of art that look like something out of a third-grader’s day dreams, this artist has a talent for bringing her exciting, colorful illustrations to life. The vibrancy of the watercolors and other mediums that she uses adds worlds to each image and, looking at each of her works, I can envision each line and color fall perfectly into place, one brushstroke after another.

One thing that I love about Chloe is that she keeps things fun. There’s a playful element to each of her pieces that brings a smile to my face. Whether she’s trying to get a message across or simply painting one of her friends, her passion for [art and creativity] shines through.