Visions of Visionaries with [Erykah Badu]

Have you ever been sitting in class and completely zone out as your mind goes through some type of whimsical fairytale-esque adventure based on the happenings of the previous day? Well as of recent, my mind has been doing just that. I could be answering a question about the 21st Century Leader Development Model and all of a sudden an unexpected burst of creative inspiration hits me. In mid sentence. Although it comes out of nowhere, I appreciate every second of it. As I was completing some homework for my Principles of Marketing class [being the scholar I am], I came across a video that I felt was worth sharing. The phenomenal Erykah Badu sat down with MADE for part of their series entitled; Visions of Visionaries to give the world a better understanding of who she really is. Some of the thingsĀ Badu discussed were her creative process, religion and the things she does in her spare to keep her going. The world we live in such a fascinating place which I realize more and more each day. I encourage you to take a look around from time to time to take it all in. For now, take a look at this video and get a dose of Baduizm