Through the [Eye] phone of James Hearn

We use it to communicate with our friends and families no matter how far apart they may be. We use it conduct business, compose emails and we even use it to play our favorite songs as we workout in the gym. These days cellular devices have the capabilities of doing just about whatever we desire. One of the best investments that I have made within the past 6 months has been the ┬ápurchase of my iPhone 4s. One of my favorite apps that the iPhone has to offer is [Instagram]. Imagine twitter but instead of words; pictures. I follow some talented people on Instagram however, James Hearn or should I say [iStay_Dizzy] is one that never disappoints. Many of James’ photos are the result of him riding his bike through the city of New Orleans and catching things that the normal eye wouldn’t. His images will tell a story and leave you thinking in deep thought. Below you can find a few of the many images that he has taken but in order to get a full understanding of the captivating mobile art gallery I am referring to you should follow him. You’ll witness things you had no idea a cell phone was capable of producing!