[Eye Safety]: Hardy Amies SS13 Frames


The NYC heat is getting serious and the sun has been showing its face nonstop. I suppose for the person who’s prepared for it, a summer filled with sun rays is a good thing. However… at the moment, I’m without a good pair of sunglasses and it’s becoming an issue. I started browsing through the vast assortment of options online and came across a couple of limited edition frames from the Hardy Amies SS13 line. I’ve never been huge on sunglasses, but each of the beauties below makes we want to start a little collection.

HARDY AMIES Carlton Black

Carlton Black

HARDY AMIES Clifton Marble GreyClifton Marble Grey

Hardy Amies Ada BlackAda Black

Hardy Amies Randolph Light Horn

Randolph Light Horn

Hardy Amies Ada CrystalAda Crystal