[Factory Files]: A Slice with Gentleman State University

One thing that I love about greatness: it doesn’t discriminate based on age. This weekend, Kyrell and I headed over to SLICE Downtown to catch up with some new friends from Georgia State University. This dope cohort of people make up [Gentleman State University], a rising organization geared toward fashion, creativity, and redefining a certain type of lifestyle in Atlanta. I was surprised to learn that most of them were only freshmen. They may be new to the game, but I definitely wouldn’t call them rookies.

They sat us down for a quick interview and shoot, as well as to discuss a new project that’s in the works, which we’ll fill you all in on when the time’s right. I hear a lot of people talking about these projects they’re working on and how they’re trying to do this and that, but most of them don’t have the focus or state of mind to back all that stuff up. That’s not the case with these guys. They’re thinking on the right level and, together, they seem like a powerful movement. On top of all that, they’re all-around good people. I’m looking forward to staying connected.