[Flesh Love] x Haruhiko Kawaguchi

As I made my way down 7th Ave en route to get lunch with some of my favorite Fashion Buyers earlier this week we discussed a few things, other than Fashion. Its good to get out of the office and showrooms from time to time and just talk– about any and everything. Cat being the random and super hilarious person she is started rambling about couples being vacuumed sealed together. When she first mentioned this I had no idea what she was talking about and considering how passionate she was about these couples who seem to be getting closer than close I had to see it for myself. Within seconds, she pulled up the link and what I saw was one of the strangest yet coolest things I’ve probably ever witnessed– as weird as it may look.

Japanese photographer Haruhiko Kawaguchi takes couples that he meets in nightclubs to his kitchen floor in Tokyo and seals their conjoined bodies together as one in a plastic bag using a household vacuum. The project is entitled “Flesh Love” and so far Kawaguchi has photographed over 80 couples. It makes one wonder, how close is too close? If you think these images are interesting be sure to check out the video and see the process for yourself. Its nothing short of [art] frozen (or should I say “sealed”) in time just long enough to get the perfect shot. This lunch conversation was the inspiration behind a [TNN] worthy post; Thanks Cat!

The Process: [Flesh Love] x Haruhiko Kawaguchi

YouTube Preview Image