[A Juxtaposition of Sorts]: Floral Decorum

After fighting my way through a particularly long, hard week, there’s no better fix than a long, relaxing week[end]. Yesterday turned into one of those spontaneous & eventful days were I wound up not making my way home last night. After crashing on a bean bag at my friends’ place, I got up early this morning to head back to Brooklyn, but not before I made my usual stop at 35th & 7th to pick up something fresh along the way.

tnn x floral decorum 1

When I can gather the strength to get out of bed early enough on the weekends, I always try to drop by my favorite flower shop and pick up a bouquet to add some energy to the apartment. I guess interning on and off for an interior decorator actually paid off.  Even though I never did too much with the flowers, I saw him do his thing enough times to pick up a pointer or two. I think it makes home feel so much more… [lively].

tnn x floral decorum 2

tnn x floral decorum 3

As you can see below, I like juxtaposing things. Light and soft. Masculine and feminine. It comes as no surprise that I’d be the one to put a glass of flowers in the mouth of a raging rottweiler. They balance each other out in a cool type of way, if you ask me. Plus, they smell amazing. Always keep in mind that where you live has major impact on [how you live]. Build your space into your sanctuary.

tnn x floral decorum 7

tnn x floral decorum 4

tnn x floral decorum 5

tnn x floral decorum 6