Foreign Super Heroic Friday Night Adventures

Whiskey Park: The W Hotel Midtown Atlanta

Bonjour? How have you been? Welcome back! Hello, Amazing and Merci. Some conversations generally last longer than others. So do the places and things that I enjoy going. From my favorite couch to dance on, the bouncers who don’t bother asking for identification anymore to those with the golden ticket to get inside the velvet ropes; Whiskey Park located inside the W Hotel in Midtown Atlanta is a place that will always be a shining star in my eyes. Last night was no different. Marquis Phifer and I headed to 14th street to take part in what we knew would be a great night. The beats from DJ X had me lost in my own little fantasy world, as always and my Beret had me feeling like a Parisian Superhero [or maybe that was the effects of watching Batman Returns before we headed out]. ┬áMy boy Wil May and many other #COOL young influencers were present kicking off the first Saturday night of 2012 just right! It was another heroic Friday night adventure with fellow young moguls in training who will one day take over the world!