[Muted Stories]: Gesaffelstein x Pursuit

As the music industry changes, it’s so interesting to see how videos change with it. I remember when music videos were all about telling stories–real stories–that, even if there was no real message, took the viewer through some type of plot from beginning to end. From the ’90s to now, I think that’s changed quite a bit, but a talented few are staying true to this ideal.

Check out this music video from French artist/DJ Gesaffelstein for his single Pursuit. He worked with Fleur & Manu, the creative duo behind M83s recent video trilogy for Midnight City, Reunion, & Wait, to create an interesting story on film. My first time watching, I was caught up in the visuals and had to click replay to really grasp the concept. If you’re expecting a simple, straightforward idea, you’ll probably miss it completely. Watch it and see what you get out of it, then keep reading.

My interpretation: it shows the rise of a leader destined for domination and control, which he plans to achieve at all costs–with violent means, if necessary, and regardless of who stands in his way. What did you get?