Get Reckless . [Rebel]

reckless |ˈrekləs|
(of a person or their actions) without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action : reckless behavior

When you believe in somebody and what they have to offer, it can lead to [reckless] action and amazing rewards. We recently linked up with our good friend Wayne from the Reckless Rebels, a rising brand from East Georgia, to bump heads and work on a few projects together. He and his team have been grinding day after day to construct the brand’s premier collection and we’re joining the R.R. team to help spread their vision. This Wednesday, April 6th, the No Names are taking over SLICE in conjunction with the Reckless Rebels for the first ever [Reckless Rebels Release Party]. The Chosen Ones collection is ready to go and we’re bringing it to you first. Come out and join us Wednesday night at SLICE located at 259 Peters St., Atlanta, GA 30313 for an awesome time. We’ll be going at it from 9pm to 2am with a live DJ, great food, and even better drinks! There’s no charge to enter (as in, FREE) and, speaking as a regular at SLICE, I can guarantee you that the food and drinks will satisfy! Come mingle with The No Names and order your Reckless Rebels merchandise before anyone else gets their hands on it. Get reckless. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!