Gladiator Effect

The summer’s here and as layers upon layers come off, summer pieces come on. Of course, there are several different opinions on the matter of gladiator sandals for guys, but I feel strongly that as times continue to change and men become more and more comfortable embracing fashion, this special trend is on the rise and will be here for a while.

I find it very funny that such a simple style of footwear can cause so much controversy. While many people argue that this is strictly a female-only trend, let’s really stop and think about the virile history of [gladiator] sandals. In case the name didn’t say enough, soldiers (the Roman army), rulers (Julius Caesar), and some of the greatest men to ever walk the earth (Jesus) rocked this style long before Riccardo Tisci and Christian Louboutin incorporated them into their lines. This masculine addition to a man’s wardrobe has been seen recently throughout a wide number of SS2011 Menswear collections and designers have added several different features to provide that perfect fit for every guy. With anything from bold prints and attached socks to laceholes and zippers, what started off last year as a small trend for the fashionisto has grown into a dominant style that is taking over the world of fashion.

If you’re bold enough to ignore the occasional strange glances from the fashion nobodies, put away your flip-flops and “do as the romans do,” but be sure to follow two general tips. Keep in mind that while these are sandals, they aren’t nike flip-flops, so leave the white socks at home. If they’re not like Dior Homme’s SS2011 pair (seen below) that comes with its own sock-like feature attached, keep those feet bare. Oh, and since your little piglets will be exposed, make sure that you get in touch with your metrosexual side and get a pedicure every now and then. Trust me, it’ll be worth it and you’ll pull off the look with no problem (provided you have the confidence to back it up).

Did you think I was playing? See how these major brands put their own twist on an ancient style.

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