[A Night on the Water]: Heineken’s The Arrival Party

This weekend got off to an early start for me with the help of one of my favorite [lifestyle brands]. Thursday night, Heineken took a lucky group of us on a boat ride across the East River to a not-so far off location, where we celebrated the new Heineken Star Bottle with endless drinks, good people, and great energy.

a night on the river x heineken x the no names

Needless to say, green was the color of the night. After the boat docked in my favorite borough, we entered what felt like the Emerald City packed into a warehouse (kinda like this <<< [click here]). The live art exhibits taking place and the energetic performance from fun. only added to the good vibe, making it another night to remember in my favorite city. Heineken’s events always offer a great translation for what “cool” means to them and I love that they share that with their audience so often and so openly. Once again, it was a job well-done from the “guys in green.”

[one of the best parts of the night for me]: This “secret” location just so happened to be in my backyard (quite literally). No late night taxicab confessions for me. I walked outside of the venue in the Navy Yard and was home in less than two minutes. Now, that’s icing on the cake.