[TNN LifeSTYLE]: Hibernation Hiatus

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A couple of days ago, I came out of hibernation for a night and made my way to Williamsburg for The L Magazine‘s Entrepreneurship Issue release party (click the link; my buddy and I are the first thing you’ll see!), sponsored by Absolut Vodka. It’s always nice to find yourself immersed in a different crowd every now and then, especially when the winter weather has forced you into solitude.

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Keep in mind that I’m a southern boy (Texas-bred) at the end of the day and the freezing conditions up here require a little adjusting to. Thankfully, the wind and snow took a night off and the temperature felt amazing. At this point, I’m getting a little bored from staying in the warmth of my apartment night after night, so I’ll be sure to show my face around the city in the near future (especially since Spring is right around the corner)!

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